Sunday 17 September 2006

40.000 downloads: Artist track !

As promised, I'm proud to present you a new track : "Rally". This is the first "non-procedural" track for ManiaDrive.

This track was designed and created by Glaby, and I would like to thank him a lot for allowing us to use his great work ! Have a look to his website to see more about his work.

This new track is available in the "Internet Tracks" menu of the game, under the name "rally". Since the track (and textures) will be downloaded, you may have to wait a few minutes the first time you'll try to play this track.

Have fun and huge thanks to you for supporting the game !

Monday 11 September 2006

40.000 downloads soon ... Surprise !

I can't say more currently, but you can wait for a small surprise when ManiaDrive will hit 40.000 downloads ... And we're very close !

You can look at the link panel on the right of this site for ManiaDrive download stats.

Monday 21 August 2006

ManiaDrive 1.2 : No more crashes !

Thanks to the reports we've received since ManiaDrive 1.1, here it is the 1.2 release: No more crashes, freezes, black screens and coredumps at startup (when no hardware shader was found or with indirect rendering). A small bug about help messages with beginners tracks is fixed, too.

Thanks again for all your reports, and have fun with this new bright and shiny cleaned release !

Thursday 17 August 2006

ManiaDrive 1.1 is ready !

After a looooong time, a new version of ManiaDrive is now available ! It features a lot of bugfixes, but also a long waited beginners mode, whole new textures, ...

Here is the full changelog:

  • Fixed 'track loading errors'
  • Added a new story mode for beginners !
  • New texture set !
  • Track blocks are now smoothed
  • Added a new menu to play offline with all others tracks (including yours)
  • Game no more needs write access to "game" dir, allowing packaging !
  • Now using a per-user directory (~/.mania_drive/)
  • Camera behaviour is now correct when switching view
  • Added 'C' to switch between views
  • No more framerate drops at high speeds (console were flooded)
  • No more playing soundtrack when volume is 0
  • Better window management (windowed mode options are available, too)
  • Mania2 track editor help was wrong
  • Added F9 key to capture screenshots
  • Added a surprise when you finish the game !
  • Mouse cursor is no more displayed during races
  • A few LAN mode adjustments
  • Fixed a bug with arrow keys on some laptops
  • Updated joystick/joypad detection
  • A lot of various fixes for ManiaDrive and Mania2 track editor

You can download the game for Linux and win32, as usual.

Have fun !

Monday 5 June 2006

New track : "Monaco"

scytheman have created a new track, a simple clone of the monaco track with an average time of 1:30s. The track is quiet complex, with a lot of tricks and features an amazing design. As always, you'll find this track under the 'Internet Track' menu.

Sunday 28 May 2006

New track : "Krass"

You'll find a new track in the "Internet Tracks" menu, created by ees (thanks !)

This track is quiet long (more than 1 minute), features some loopings and holes, but also wide roads and large turns so the track is not that complex. This is a perfect training for new players (and it's easy to get a good score ;)

Saturday 27 May 2006

To every ManiaDrive player : Thanks !

Since the last release, you're now more than 12,000 people to have downloaded the game (almost 500 GB of data !) and the online "Live score !" system shows more than 1,000 players and 24,349 parties at this time. I could talk about hundreds of reports and feedbacks by mail and on the forum, about all the news on websites all over the world, but ...

... I will only thank you ! The whole team behind ManiaDrive can be proud of this first success, and the work is started to provide you a great update to this 1.01 release ...

Let the story continue !

Saturday 13 May 2006

Missing DLL for win32 version

A few windows users reports that two DLLs are not found. If you have this problem, you can find all this here :

Edit: Missing DLL on SourceForge.
Next release will correct this problem.

Friday 12 May 2006

ManiaDrive is out !

This is the end of the beta period, ManiaDrive is now available in its first public release: ManiaDrive 1.01 ! The game is now featuring a solo mode with 12 levels and 25 online tracks, growing each week.

Let's download and see you online !

You can contact us easily with the dedicated forum.

Friday 28 April 2006

Two new tracks : "Super Clio Bros 1 and 2"

Featuring a long straight road full of turbo boost followed by a big jump, the first track ("Super Clio Bros 1") is a classical 'run and jump' track. The main thing to learn here is to enter the main road in a perfectly straight way. The second track ("Super Clio Bros 2") is a clone of the first track, but for ManiaDrive gurus. You must to master the car physics, that's all :)

Thursday 27 April 2006

New track : "Dancing with Barriers"

As always, you can try this track using "Internet tracks" menu, as "dancing".

Mostly indoor, this tracks is short (gold time is 18 seconds) but very hard, since you must control car bumps during a long slope, finishing with a looping. As "Cactus huts !", this track will be used in solo with a few upcoming new tracks.

Stay tuned !

Wednesday 8 March 2006

New official track : "Cactus Hurts !"

A new track is now available thru "Internet tracks" menu of ManiaDrive !

With a Gold Time of 46 seconds, this (hard) track is featuring a big jump, tight roads with sharp edges, and a strange finish. "Cactus Hurts !" will be added to Story Mode of the first upcoming ManiaDrive release.

Sunday 15 January 2006

ManiaDrive first public release in on the way !

Since last news, a lot of work have been done on ManiaDrive and its track editor, and we're now close to release the first official public version of ManiaDrive, featuring :

  • Totally new menu and in-game interface !
  • You can now access informations about a LAN server using your usual browser (http://maniadrive_server:29104/)
  • Clients automatically downloads tracks from LAN server
  • Track Editor now features a full interface
  • You can test your track from the Track Editor in one click
  • Better window handling for Linux and windows
  • New tracks for story mode, LAN and Internet mode
  • Many many other things and bugfixes !

Stay tuned !

Monday 21 November 2005

ManiaDrive Party : The Conclusion

A conclusion of the last Maniadrive party is available here on the Raydium Web site.

"The game is not yet ready for a public release, a huge work must be done on tracks, and probably a more intuitive track editor, but the game is almot ready for a first beta release and, why not, a demo !"


Wednesday 2 November 2005

ManiaDrive : website !

This website is dedicated to ManiaDrive game, providing access to all scores and records ! The game will be released ... soon ;)