Sunday 28 May 2006

New track : "Krass"

You'll find a new track in the "Internet Tracks" menu, created by ees (thanks !)

This track is quiet long (more than 1 minute), features some loopings and holes, but also wide roads and large turns so the track is not that complex. This is a perfect training for new players (and it's easy to get a good score ;)

Saturday 27 May 2006

To every ManiaDrive player : Thanks !

Since the last release, you're now more than 12,000 people to have downloaded the game (almost 500 GB of data !) and the online "Live score !" system shows more than 1,000 players and 24,349 parties at this time. I could talk about hundreds of reports and feedbacks by mail and on the forum, about all the news on websites all over the world, but ...

... I will only thank you ! The whole team behind ManiaDrive can be proud of this first success, and the work is started to provide you a great update to this 1.01 release ...

Let the story continue !

Saturday 13 May 2006

Missing DLL for win32 version

A few windows users reports that two DLLs are not found. If you have this problem, you can find all this here :

Edit: Missing DLL on SourceForge.
Next release will correct this problem.

Friday 12 May 2006

ManiaDrive is out !

This is the end of the beta period, ManiaDrive is now available in its first public release: ManiaDrive 1.01 ! The game is now featuring a solo mode with 12 levels and 25 online tracks, growing each week.

Let's download and see you online !

You can contact us easily with the dedicated forum.