Monday 21 August 2006

ManiaDrive 1.2 : No more crashes !

Thanks to the reports we've received since ManiaDrive 1.1, here it is the 1.2 release: No more crashes, freezes, black screens and coredumps at startup (when no hardware shader was found or with indirect rendering). A small bug about help messages with beginners tracks is fixed, too.

Thanks again for all your reports, and have fun with this new bright and shiny cleaned release !

Thursday 17 August 2006

ManiaDrive 1.1 is ready !

After a looooong time, a new version of ManiaDrive is now available ! It features a lot of bugfixes, but also a long waited beginners mode, whole new textures, ...

Here is the full changelog:

  • Fixed 'track loading errors'
  • Added a new story mode for beginners !
  • New texture set !
  • Track blocks are now smoothed
  • Added a new menu to play offline with all others tracks (including yours)
  • Game no more needs write access to "game" dir, allowing packaging !
  • Now using a per-user directory (~/.mania_drive/)
  • Camera behaviour is now correct when switching view
  • Added 'C' to switch between views
  • No more framerate drops at high speeds (console were flooded)
  • No more playing soundtrack when volume is 0
  • Better window management (windowed mode options are available, too)
  • Mania2 track editor help was wrong
  • Added F9 key to capture screenshots
  • Added a surprise when you finish the game !
  • Mouse cursor is no more displayed during races
  • A few LAN mode adjustments
  • Fixed a bug with arrow keys on some laptops
  • Updated joystick/joypad detection
  • A lot of various fixes for ManiaDrive and Mania2 track editor

You can download the game for Linux and win32, as usual.

Have fun !