Friday 28 April 2006

Two new tracks : "Super Clio Bros 1 and 2"

Featuring a long straight road full of turbo boost followed by a big jump, the first track ("Super Clio Bros 1") is a classical 'run and jump' track. The main thing to learn here is to enter the main road in a perfectly straight way. The second track ("Super Clio Bros 2") is a clone of the first track, but for ManiaDrive gurus. You must to master the car physics, that's all :)

Thursday 27 April 2006

New track : "Dancing with Barriers"

As always, you can try this track using "Internet tracks" menu, as "dancing".

Mostly indoor, this tracks is short (gold time is 18 seconds) but very hard, since you must control car bumps during a long slope, finishing with a looping. As "Cactus huts !", this track will be used in solo with a few upcoming new tracks.

Stay tuned !