Sunday 17 September 2006

40.000 downloads: Artist track !

As promised, I'm proud to present you a new track : "Rally". This is the first "non-procedural" track for ManiaDrive.

This track was designed and created by Glaby, and I would like to thank him a lot for allowing us to use his great work ! Have a look to his website to see more about his work.

This new track is available in the "Internet Tracks" menu of the game, under the name "rally". Since the track (and textures) will be downloaded, you may have to wait a few minutes the first time you'll try to play this track.

Have fun and huge thanks to you for supporting the game !

Monday 11 September 2006

40.000 downloads soon ... Surprise !

I can't say more currently, but you can wait for a small surprise when ManiaDrive will hit 40.000 downloads ... And we're very close !

You can look at the link panel on the right of this site for ManiaDrive download stats.